Tom Cruise Goes After Crew For Violating COVID-19 Rules

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

After seeing the team of “Mission: Impossible 7” violate COVID-19 protocols, Tom Cruise expressed his anger violently.

During an audio clip, Tom Cruise stated that his team is  the ‘gold standard’ and there were a few in the industry earning a living due to them. He said that he was talking to every major studio, insurance organizations, and producers. He says that the only reason this happens is because those people believe in them. Due to this there are now people who have jobs. They are able to make movies and thus he does not want the repetition of such a mistake. Cruise even told one such crew member violating the rule that if he was ever caught again he’d be “fucking done”.

Tom Cruise Blasts Off At Movie Crew

Tom Cruise went on to say that many were losing their jobs during such a time and such carelessness would not help them with their livelihood. He feels that he takes home with him the burden of the industry. He refused to shut the movie down due to such callousness.

He specifically told a crew member that he was going to result in someone else risking their job. He made sure they understood the responsibility and was open to reasoning with them. However, if it is extended beyond logic they shall be fired. Despite that, he expects them to be present.

The movie was delayed after twelve team members in Italy were found to be infected with COVID-19. The production got back up on its feet after seven days and traveled back to the United Kingdom. The film’s release is slated for the 19 of November 2021.

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