Teresa Giudice: Money And Fame Ruined Family

Teresa Giudice
Teresa Giudice

At an event held on Saturday, Teresa Giudice criticized her brother Joe and his wife, Her SIL Melissa. She was livid and upset. Teresa Giudice implicated that they, her brother, and his wife had their priority in life wrong. Their interest in life was more towards money and fame rather than the family.

Teresa Giudice: Feud With Her Brother Continues

Giudice admitted to it being very painful to have her brother refusing to attend her wedding with Ruelas. She says she was hurt and in pain when questioned by a moderator, about her brother’s action. Joe and she had a massive fight during the shooting of the finale of season 13. Expressing her anguish she says that joe is her only family. She has been deeply pained by whatever has happened between the two. Teresa Giudice admitted that this was not the first time she experienced such behavior from her family.

While speaking to the crowd of people she accepted that money and fame brought about destruction in the family and hers was no different. Speaking about herself, she said for her, the family came first and then others. Her priority was her family first. She adds she and her brother were very much inseparable in their childhood.

She slammed her sister-in-law, Melissa. Referring to Melissa, mentions family equations change when outsiders come into the family.

Carrying on she says that such a situation must be happening in quite a few families and hers is not much different. Teresa, referring to her sister-in-law, says outsiders should not speak till they are actually aware of the situation. 

She laments that money and fame is the main cause of ruining the family as they did to hers. She says such a situation though sad but one has to accept it.

Joe, when questioned if he preferred fame and money over relations, he blew hot and cold saying he was tired of these questions.