Texas Abortion Law Upheld By The Supreme Court

Texas Abortion Law
Texas Abortion Law

The Supreme Court of the United States of America gave its judgment with regard to the Texas abortion law for now. As per the judgment, the law that banned abortions in the state of Texas did not get banned. Now it has to be upheld by those citizens who are six weeks pregnant. The judgment was given on the 2nd of September. The total votes involved with regard to the case was 5 against 4. The two conservative judges were supported by three other judges who were appointed by Donald Trump, the former President of the country. 

Texas Abortion Law Details

The judges who dissented against the Texas abortion law were the three judges from liberal schools as well as one conservative, John Roberts, the Chief Justice. The option that was provided with regard to the case was that it was open for future interpretations. It could also be challenged. What this means is that the Texas abortion law may be disputed again in the highest court of appeal.  However, for now, the judgment has already been given and may stay the same for months or even longer than that. It was stated that the ones supporting abortion, did not address the questions in a proper manner.

Most women do not even realize that they are pregnant from six weeks. It is to be noted that the officials who are responsible for enforcing the laws are the ones who are to be sued in order to challenge any state law. This is according to the established procedure. And in the case of the Texas abortion law, the ones in charge of enforcement are the citizens themselves. According to the law, anyone can sue individuals or clinics if they carry out abortions in case they are six weeks pregnant.