Nancy Pelosi Told To Carry Out Her Duty Of Summoning The President And A Few Others

Spending Bill
Spending Bill

Chip Roy, one of the Representatives from the United States of America, made contact with Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the White House. A letter was sent to her. The subject of the letter was Joe Biden, the President of the country belonging to the Democratic Party. It was stated in the letter that the President, as well as some important officials of his administration, must come forward and accept what they did to Afghanistan, in front of the entire country. 

Nancy Pelosi’s Letters

The 49-year-old Republican Representative claimed that the President, as well as his concerned associates, must accept the fact that they exited from Afghanistan in a shameful manner. And this must be done in front of the entire US Congress. The letter directed to Nancy Pelosi was sent on the 31st of August that fell on a Tuesday.

The Texas-based Republican also named a few more Democrats who hold an important position in the administration of president Joe Biden. They include Kamala Harris, the vice-president of the country, Lloyd Austin, the Defense Secretary, Antony Blinken, the secretary of state, Gen. Mark Miley, the chairman of Joint Chief of Staff, and Jake Sullivan, the advisor of national security.

In the letter written to speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Representative demanded these people’s resignation. Representative Roy further stated that these politicians should not be allowed to leave just like that. Severe action must be taken against them. He suggested that they should first accept what they had done in front of God as well as the entire citizens of the United States of America. And then be impeached. There were a number of questions raised on the issue of Afghanistan. Roy then stated that it was the responsibility of Nancy Pelosi to arrange a meeting and begin the proceedings.