Katie Pavlich Speaks Up After Kamala Harris’ Interview

Katie Pavlich
Katie Pavlich

Katie Pavlich, the host of Fox News commented on the interview given by VP Kamala Harris where she spoke up about complaints by other Democrats that she was doomed to fail given the nature of her job.

Katie Pavlich said that the Vice President had a historic opportunity to address a contentious issue. She has instead opted to sit back and complain that she was some sort of victim. The issue has been relegated to the background, Pavlich said.

Kamala Harris had in an talk with Margaret Brennan said that even though she did not believe that she had been misled to be a failure, the inherent character of her job had for the most part challenging issues.

Harris said that the issues that reached her were naturally tough as she was the vice president. It had ended up on her desk because it could not be tackled at a lower level. She said that she had to take on several big issues, and it was natural for her to be dealing with such issues all through her career.

Katie Pavlich conceded that the nature of the job that the Vice President oversaw was of quite a serious nature. But she emphasized that she had shown little movement on that issue.

Katie Pavlich Said That Harris’ Appointment Was Biden’s Gift To The Far Left

Katie Pavlich alleged that Harris was Joe Biden’s gift to the left. She said that the Vice President was among the extreme liberals in the Senate and even beat Senator Bernie Sanders. Pavlich said that Biden needed her support and that was the reason that he chose her.

Katie Pavlich contended that Harris had a golden opportunity to do good, but all she did was throw in the towel and ceased to even attempt to succeed. Host Tyrus said that she was unfairly complaining that her being a woman and a member of the Black community went against her.

Her critics, both Republicans and Democrats, have said that she had failed miserably with the border crisis brewing to the south.