Dr. Death- Attorney To Just Blame Dr. Christopher Duntsch

Dr. Death
Dr. Death

Dr. Death is an American crime drama series that airs on the online streaming platform, Peacock. The mini-series is based on one of the podcasts having the same name. The creator of the crime drama is Patrick Macmanus. And it has a total of eight episodes. 

Dr. Death’s Plot

As the show proceeds, viewers come to find out that Michelle Shughart, the assistant district attorney of Dallas County, makes an effort to deal with one of the most horrifying practices carried out in the state of Texas. The setting of Dr. Death is in the year 2021. The main plot of the story revolves around the crimes committed by Dr. Christopher Duntsch. For two years the said criminal doctor has been performing acts of crime by conflicting death and pain upon his patients. They are injured, paralyzed, and sometimes even killed by Dr. Duntsch in Dr. Death. He performs the crimes as he carries out his surgeries. One of the assisting nurses describes the way he is in the show. She states that he performs the complete opposite of everything that he learned in his medical career

So with all these crimes and injustice, the main question that lies in front of Attorney Michelle Shugart is if he committed those crimes all by himself. She wants to find out if he was accompanied by anyone in Dr. Death. The rough amount of people killed by the weird doctor is about 33. Later on, the concerned Attorney tells two of the doctors, Bob Henderson and Randall Kirby, that she will just be blaming Dr. Duntsch in front of the jury. Those two doctors are the assistants in the criminal investigation as well. The attorney further states that she will not be blaming the medical board of Texas or the Dallas hospital.