Tom Brokaw Retires From NBC, Following 55 Years

tom brokaw
tom brokaw

Tom Brokaw declared his retirement from NBC. This ended his fifty-five years of remarkable engagement with it as its iconic news anchor. Brokaw, now eighty, still remains the only newscaster to have led all of NBC’s primary shows- ‘Today,’ ‘Nightly News,’ as well as ‘Meet The Press.’ In 2017, the legendary correspondent celebrated his 50th year on NBC’s ‘Today’ in January.

Having been bestowed with accolades like Peabody, Emmys, Duponts, and an Edward R. Murrow Award for Lifetime Achievement in Broadcasting, Tom Brokaw stands out as the best. Look at the number of years he has been associated with NBC. That is more than half a century. One can only imagine the amount of invaluable contribution he made to the news and broadcasting industry. This includes his work that documented the sacrifices of Americans during the second World War. 

Tom Brokaw’s Journey In Journalism:

Tom Brokaw started his career at NBC in Los Angeles. He covered the historic and vital events in America that took place right from Nixon’s Presidential campaign in 1968. It also covered the Scandal of Watergate that pressed Nixon out from his office back in 1974 and Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination. In 1976, he co-hosted ‘Today,’ and then in 1983; he anchored ‘NBC Nightly News With Tom Brokaw.’ 

He served as a news anchor for twenty-two years and helmed these shows along with ‘Meet The Press’ as the moderator. He also received the nation’s highest civilian award, The Presidential Medal of Freedom, from former President of the United States, Barack Obama in 2014.

After working for fifty-five years with NBC, Brokaw is one of the few anchors in the world to spend the longest time on the same news network. He will surely be missed by NBC and its beloved viewers alike.

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