Jen Psaki Launches Attack Against Florida’s Ron Desantis!

Jen Psaki
Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki launches an attack against Florida’s Ron Desantis while the office of the governor fires back. Jen Psaki seems to have misinterpreted the Florida policy partially. On Monday, Psaki, press secretary, White House, slammed Ron Desantis, Governor of Florida over his mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic. Psaki accused the governor of doing politics over people’s health and safety. 

Jen Psaki Might Have Misinterpreted The Florida Policy Partially!

Desantis has been very outspoken regarding his objections to the pandemic restrictions like mask mandates. He seems to be a potential challenger of 2024 to US President Joe Biden. During her regular press briefing on Monday, Jen Psaki said that the administration of Biden was available and ready to offer federal assistance to Florida or any part across the nation. On Monday, the Golden State witnessed a total of 10,682 Coronavirus hospitalizations which remains the highest across the nation. This is according to the Department of Human Services and Health of the US. 

Jen Psaki continued by saying that around 20% of the total Coronavirus cases are in the Golden State. She continued that some important precautions and steps should be taken including encouraging Americans to receive their vaccines and wear their masks. She also wants schools in Florida to allow children to wear masks and set mandatory mask mandates. However, none of the restrictions are being followed in the Golden State. However, it seems as if Jen Psaki has misinterpreted the Florida policy partially.

Ron Desantis made the rule of wearing masks optional for every student of Florida. However, he didn’t object to any student wearing them. She added that in some moments, political leaders must choose whether to follow politics or guidelines issued by the CDC for public safety and health. The White House encourages every political leader to follow these guidelines!