Andrew Cuomo’s Impeachment Investigation To Begin Soon

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

The state assembly of New York recently gave authorization with regard to the governor of the state, Andrew Cuomo. The assembly signalled the judiciary committee to begin the impeachment investigation with regard to the allegations of sexual misconduct made on the governor. Andrew Cuomo stans to be accused by a total of six women.

Andrew Cuomo In A Double-Fold Crisis

The investigation that will be carried out by the panel will be carried out simultaneously to that of Letitia James, the attorney general of New York. James is responsible for carrying out an investigation into the allegations made on Democrat Andrew Cuomo. She will be carrying out a lot of responsibilities including interviewing witnesses and evaluating pieces of evidence. The attorney general will also be looking into the subpoena documents. The details of this information were given by the state assembly speaker, Carl Heastie.

The speaker gave a statement with regard to the investigation. It was told that all the reports that are submitted involving New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, are of serious nature. The Democratic speaker further added that the judiciary committee of the assembly will look into the investigation that is to take place. The committee will be granted the authority to question all the witnesses.

The 63-year-old Andrew Cuomo is a well-known governor from the Democratic party. He is caught up in a political crisis as he faces pressure to resign from his post. The governor is currently going through a double-fold pressure. Along with the sexual allegations made on him, there are claims that his administration did not report the correct number of deaths that took place in the nursing home owing to the coronavirus. Andrew Cuomo faced his worst nightmare this Thursday. a letter was published by over 55 Democrats calling for his resignation.

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