Andrew Luck’s Return Rumor Finally Cleared

Andrew Luck
Andrew Luck

Nyheim Hines, the Indianapolis Colts player, was asked by Charean Williams with regard to the return of Andrew Luck, the retired American football quarterback player. This was done in light of the fact that the team, the Indianapolis Colts, are in need of a quarterback play. This was asked in an interview that took place this Tuesday.

Nyheim replied by saying, “absolutely not”. The player stated that there is no particular list of names when it came to replacing the players. This comes from the fact that two of the players of his team are retiring. They are Philip Rivers and Luck.

Andrew Luck Is Not Returning

In the statement, Nyheim did not make any mention of him seeing any chances of getting Andrea Luck to the team. he went to speak about his faith in the two important authorities of Indianapolis Colt. They are Chris Ballard, the general manager, and Jim Irsay, the owner of the team. Nyheim, in the interview, said that these two people and staff members are perfectly equipped to make the appropriate decision for the wellness of the team. The player went on to praise them. This statement proved to be an eye-opener to some of the fans of Andrew Luck. Earlier there had been a rumor that went viral, about the player making his return.

There had been speculations that said something else. Rumors confirmed that there is a fan of the Indianapolis Colts who can make some claims. It is said that the fan has grabbed hold of a text message according to which Andre Luck is said to un-retire. Andrew Luck made his retirement official after the football season of the year 2018.

Benjamin Alright also confirmed by tweeting that the “texts” concerning the return of the player, was untrue.