Space Force Receives Full Approval From The White House

Space Force
Space Force

The White House expressed their “full support” for the American Space Force. This incident took place this Wednesday. The gesture came following the backlash that was provoked by the chief spokesperson of president Joe Biden. The provoked backlash was concerning the addition of the new addition to the military of the country which took place during the administration of the former President, Donald Trump.

Space Force, A Bipartisan Concern?

Jen Psaki, the secretary of the press of the White House, gave a statement with regard to the matter. the reply from the secretary came after a question was made concerning the approval. It was asked if the Space Force had the approval of President Joe Biden. This, or if he would make efforts to eliminate the newest addition to the US military. According to the secretary, the president, and his administration, fully supported its existence. Jen Psaki also added that there were no such revisits that were taking place concerning the Space Force.

The secretary also added that it would be the responsibility of the US Congress to initiate the force’s dismantling. Together with that, the desire of the Department of Defense to work on various challenges of security of the country was a unanimous concern. It had bipartisan approval.

Jen Psaki made a tweet that said that members of the Space Force team were invited to make a visit in the briefing room. This could be done in order to update the officials on the workings of the department.

To this, the top general of the Space Force replied that he would accept the invitation of the secretary of the White House Press and do the needful. The general stated that he was full of pride for all the Space Force guardians.