Golden Globes Would Be Livestreamed

Golden Globes
Golden Globes

The HFPA has finally brought out several new details about its Golden Globe awards that would be instituted next Sunday. The group stated that there wouldn’t be any red carpet or any form of media credentials for the show and that all the guests present at the Beverly Hilton would be masked and kept to maintain strict social distancing protocols.

The besieged org also stated that Kyle Bowser, the SVP of the NAACP Hollywood Bureau, would be rediscussing the Reimagine Coalition, which would be a joint five-year initiative with the HFPA which was announced all the way back in October to increase the ideas of equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout the global entertainment industry. 

Golden Globes Could Be In A Spot Of Bother

The Golden Globes would be pared-down and glamour-free, of that, there is no doubt, but the way they would be put forward is still quite unknown. The awards have been put in a crutch due to controversy along with no NBC broadcast this year, the HFPA and Dick Clark Productions event have been trying to chart out what they would be doing at the ballroom of the Beverly Hilton on the 9th of January.

As reported by Variety, the awards this year will not have any significant celebrity presence. The lack of much-desired A-list stars will also see no celebrity presenters, nominees, or even winners of the event. 

The distinct lack of any Hollywood A-listers shouldn’t be a major surprise for the Golden Globes have still been boycotted for the most part by most of the top PR reps. While a major number of streamers and studios have given their permission to participate in the awards, there is still a stink on the group and the awards themselves. 

Incidentally, it has been reported that the Golden Globes won’t be having any guests or media, with the exception of the representatives of organizations that the HFPA has been a part of for the last couple of years.