Anthony Edwards Delivered One Of The Greatest Dunks Ever

Anthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards, the rookie from the team, the Minnesota Timberwolves, carried out one of the best dunks ever. It can be said that it was the best dunk of the entire season of the NBA. He went over the player, Yuta Watanabe, the Japanese forward player from the team, the Toronto Raptors. This took place on the 19th of February.

Anthony Edwards Vs Yuta Watanabe

The game ended with Toronto Rappers as the winner. The total score was 86-81. Anthony Edwards gave a statement in an interview after the game ended. He said that he has very little consideration for the great dunk that took place. The player went on to say that he was really looking forward to winning the game. However, the fact cannot be ignored that the player delivered one of the best highlights this Friday.

The Anthony-Edwards-dunk that went viral instantly, took place in the few final seconds of quarter 3 of the game. DeAndre Bembry, the American player from the team, the Toronto Raptors, went on to stumble right at the moment when Edwards got hold of a pass. This took place when the Minnesota Timberwolves were leading the game. The score then was 61-58.

As the pathway was clear for Anthony Edwards and he went on to give his best shot. He went straight for the basket. Along the way, stood Yuta Watanabe who was at the rim, but that did not stop the player from making history.

This is what takes place when there is a combination of an athlete who is worthy of getting selected for an overall rank of number 1, with a clear way to the basket. Not only that but, there was also the kind of defence that had no rim-protector. There was everything that was needed for the occurrence of “an all-time poster” and Anthony Edwards took full advantage of it.