The Emmys will be held virtually this year and may feature nominees in their homes

According to a representative of the Verge, the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards will be an online event due to the ongoing pandemic put a stop to all public events. Interestingly, this new format will probably help us glean insight into the lives of our celebrities, rather than watch as they deck out on the reception hall of some swanky Beverly Hills hotel.

“We are assembling a top notch team of technicians, producers and writers to work closely with Jimmy Kimmel and with you and your team to make sure that we can film with you (and loved ones or whomever else you choose to be with) at your home, or another location of your choice”- a letter was sent from the producers to the nominees.

The main struggle is deciding whether the entire show will be live, or some parts of it previously recorded. The latter will give enough time for the producers to fill in the gap with some interviews with the nominee taken prior to the show.

It would be interesting to note how the nominees would fare if none of them were informed about the winner- this would mean that they would either have to pre-record an acceptance speech or simply wing it.