A Chapter Has Ended For Amy Robach

Amy Robach

Anchor Amy Robach has supposedly bid goodbyes to ABC news. Anticipations tell after the reveal of her relationship with T.J. Holmes, who also worked at the same company. The couple has said their goodbyes, and it is rumored things were getting complicated for their work there. Maybe the environment was too toxic for them, and especially for her. After the leaked photo, Amy Robach was harassed on social media and she had to deactivate her Instagram.

What Actually Made Amy Robach Leave The Brand?

After paparazzi leaked the of Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes together, the whole world left their job in the middle to question their relationship. Which made the brand take Amy Robach off of on air. Which is disrespectful on her end, cause she has served in the company for a long period. Her personal choice was questioned. Seemed like her commitment to the brand was not enough.

The brand started invading her personal space, which could be suffocating and violated at any point in time for anyone. They started an investigation into their relationship and other work-related queries. And ABC news president has disclosed how difficult it got after their photo surfaced. The whole thing was a distraction and it was much-needed action at that time to take Robach off.

And appreciated Robach for her effort and commitment to the company, and she wished her the best.

Stepping down from ABC news was one of the probably biggest challenges for her, and she is unbothered about it. Peace and privacy are prioritized over workplace ethics.

T.J. Holmes finalized his divorce last month, and Amy Robach has kept everyone in doubt about whether she is still married or not. A close one of Amy Robach’s has shared they started dating after she completely separated from her husband.