The Hoop Collective: Victor Wembanyama’s Rise Spell The End of USA’s Dynasty

Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama appears to be unwilling to let go of the date since it represents a terrible anniversary.

In the U-19 final of the World Cup that day in Latvia, USA national team defeated France 83-81. Victor  Wembanyama wowed with twenty-two points, 8 rebounds, with 8 blocks, as one would anticipate from the world’s top basketball prospect.

But with fewer than 3 minutes remaining, Victor Wembanyama fouled down. Wembanyama was furious despite the fact that the game was obviously illegal since he collided with future Pistons player Jaden Ivey during a drive.

Victor Wembanyama paced the arena, chewing the collars of his uniform both out of rage and to restrain himself from saying anything that would exacerbate the situation. That particular day in Latvia, Victor barely maintained his composure; he has previously discussed in talks how he may completely lose his temper after losses and that he had to struggle to “stay polite.”

Victor Wembanyama Rises After The Final In Latvia:

It’s not surprising to find that Kobe Bryant and Jordan are indeed the two guys he has watched the most. He said that Bryant’s passing on January 26, 2020, is yet another day he will never forget.

The Americans gained two attacking rebounds in the last 10 seconds, giving the his team an opportunity to win or extend the lead after Victor Wembanyama fouled out for France. This fact bothers him since if Wembanyama had already been playing, he would have probably secured those board. The French adolescent threw the blanket he was gnawing on in anger when the bell rang and the Americans cheered.

All of this is crucial right now since the eighteen-year-old Victor Wembanyama recently made his adult French national team debut. It’s being compared to when soccer stars Kylian Mbappé & Zinedine Zidane made their debuts while competing for Les Bleus and has been hailed as a seismic event in France.