Francesca Farago Is Engaged To TikToker Jesse Sullivan

Francesca Farago

Francesca Farago, who gained notoriety for her appearances in the obscene Netflix programs Too Hot to Handle and Love is Blind, has announced their engagement.

By getting engaged to her trans partner Jesse Sullivan, influencer, businesswoman, and star of multiple relationship reality shows Francesca Farago unintentionally turned into a walking billboard urging people to avoid participating in the very dating shows that made her famous.

Francesca Farago And Jesse Sullivan Are All Set To Get Married

Before we get into the adorable engagement photos of Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan, it’s worth noting that the former has appeared on Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle – a show where a group of horny singletons has their prize fund taken away every time they’re doing something, wait for it, too hot to handle – and Love Is Blind – a show where connects get engaged before meeting in person – and failed to find a partner.

That’s possibly why she opted to go for a third round of dating shows in Perfect Match – a reality dating program for former reality show participants. Everything is very meta.

In the end, Farago discovered her true perfect match — TikTokker and future husband Jesse Sullivan — outside of any reality program whatsoever.

Farago announced her engagement to Jesse Sullivan in a sequence of photos posted to her Instagram account on May 3. She added the sweet remark, “WE’RE ENGAGED. a peek inside the most enchanted evening ever. devoted to our family—what is life?

Then she added the comment “Not the candlelight orchestra” and multiple crying emojis, alluding to the series’ concluding image.