The media chest is the perfect blend of traditional and tech for the happy home 

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Oil holds above $80 a barrel, but analyst says prices could march to $90 a barrel by year's end

If your household is split between modern and traditional tastes, finding a compromise in home décor and furnishings can be difficult. Luckily, this is now a common problem that furniture brands are attempting to remedy with their newest furniture collections. You can now get media chests that give you all the functionality of a modern entertainment center in the traditional style of the rest of the furniture in the room.  

While media chests are typically included in bedroom furniture sets, they can actually fit in with any room decorated in the traditional style. If your living room is filled with antiques, you can find a media center that will easily house your gaming consoles, DVD player, DVR, and other electronics with ample storage for games, movies, and other entertainment.  

Most media chests are about the size of a typical chest of drawers or dressers. In place of a mirror, you are left with a smoothly polished surface just waiting for you to place your television. Some media chests can accommodate televisions as big as 55 or 65 inches.  

Instead of being a bank of drawers, the top level of the media chest will either be an open shelf or a shelf split into two cubbies. This shelf or cubbies have grommets installed on the back of the media center for cord management. 

This is usually followed by two to four drawers in which you can organize all of your media. At least the bottom drawer will likely be cedar lined to prevent moisture, pests, and other hazards. The drawers may or may not come with dividers or some type of filing system for your different discs, but you don’t have to feel like you are stuck with them. Most of the organizers can easily be removed and replaced with your own organization system. 

For those who want a fully smart home, complete with smart alarms, smart appliances, and interconnectivity throughout the entire household, media chests can be the answer to hiding your tech in plain sight. Place one in each room in which you plan to have quite a bit of tech among a traditional setting. You can use the shelves or cubbies to house your internet modem or wi-fi router, as well as Google Home or Alexa hubs. 

Finally, if your media centers give you more drawer storage than you really need, choose those with cedar-lined bottom drawers. Media centers in guest bedrooms can hold additional linens, blankets, quilts, and towels. They are also suitable for storing seasonal home décor when not in use, as well as extra winter storage for sweaters and knits. 

Still not sure traditional-style media centers are right for you? Simply compromise with your partner on furniture sets for sale that include media chests for the best of both worlds.