Kim Janey, New Boston Mayor, Sees No Way to Return To Normal

Kim Janey
Kim Janey

Kim Janey became the very 1st Black woman who was named as a mayor of Boston. In a recent interview on 11th April, Kim Janey informed that Boston city will not be able to return to old normal. This made this statement in relation to the racial inequities that have taken place throughout history in this city.

Janey made this remark while discussing the history of the city in association with race and the general perception of Boston. It was seen as a racist city. For so long the city has only been represented by white men in the office of the mayor before she assumed the role.

Boston Gets A Change Of Perception With Kim Janey

Kim Janey stated that Boston has a negative perception but it is important that they focus on the future and the opportunities provided to the citizens. She is determined to provide the citizens with love, equity, justice, and assured prosperity.

Although she did acknowledge that one Black woman mayor does resolve the issue of racism and there is a long way to go for Boston.

Janey was appointed as the mayor in the month of March 2021 after the US Senate voted to make Marty Walsh, former Boston Mayor, the new head of the Labour Department. Consequently, Janey’s appointment is seen to be historic as it witnesses an intersection of gender and race.

Janey further added that it is quite surreal for her to be a Black woman mayor despite the nation having a Black president previously. The Democrats pointed out the racial segregation seen in Boston Schools.

Janey gave assurance to the people to recover from the pandemic rapidly and positively along with racial equity that will make them stronger as a community and nation.