The Rockets Face A Setback Due To Flouting COVID-19 Rules


The Rockets are grappling to find a competent team for their season opener against the Oklahoma City. The league was forced to postpone the matchup after the Rockets did not have the essential eight available players to continue.

Certain team members were spotted flouting the COVID-19 rules, putting the NBA at risk. Two were even found to be contact tracing.The rate at which the virus spreads will be dependent on the activities of everyone involved. The upcoming season is expected to be rather brutal. The pandemic has put into place a harsh reality.

The spread of the story spoilt the initiation of a presumptuous exciting NBA season. Some say that this season will continue without any hiccups, while some, on the other hand, say that things could become fatal if the season is to continue.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has been an immaculate leader. His solid with the players of the league and the association has been fruitful in having conversations about divisive and crucial matters. He will now have to decide how to put in place COVID protocols with respect to the game. 

The Rockets In The Deep End

Harden, who is already aiming to leave the Rockets, in the past month has flouted rules that are regulated to keep the season going. The Rockets member was seen at a crowded club, which automatically violates the norms of social distancing. 

The NBA is not concerned with the Rockets’ player, as much as they are with regard to his actions. This might mislead other players and put down the season altogether. 

The COVID rules that are set in stone and implemented strictly are the only ones that are followed. To conclude,the Rockets and the NBA have a tough season ahead ,especially with the delayed initiation.