Kentucky Stepped For Fair Treatment To Individuals


Nothing like this probably happens in the history of Kentucky. The governor banned the republican party released the bill. This bill would treat all individuals and minors unfairly. He in no way would have allowed it. Every individual should be treated equally. The bill would have treated all types of people, no matter how or who they are unjust. This is a big step for Kentucky, the governor might face consequences perhaps for this. Many believe he is a democrat he needed to step in any way.

What’s All The Fuss Is About In Kentucky?

Republican lawmakers passed a bill recently which is implied unnecessary, and not justified at all. Kentucky stepped in to ban the bill in there. The first step to revolution and saying no to something brutal. The Kentucky governor expressed his disgust with senate bill 150. This bill intervenes with personal healthcare way too much.

The bill precisely suggests it would take away the basic right of human choices. Some people are transgender or describe them with them if Kentucky passed the bill. It would have caused trouble for these communities. The bill’s main target was to restrict access to mandatory medicines.

This has happened before and in a way, the democrats would let it happen again. The republican passed the bill last week. They made their point as valid as possible which is not justified in this century in any way. They feel children shall not be allowed to make such decisions for themselves, they should follow as their parents ask them to consider themselves. 

This bill’s primary motive was to ban all kinds of necessities from the people. They even jotted down the points to banning all the schools from even discussing sexual orientation and gender identity. Other states clapped for Kentucky for standing up for this injustice route the republican party has chosen.