NBA Finals Predictions

Denver Nuggets
Denver Nuggets

At the end of the 2019 -2020 NBA season there will be only one team that is triumphant and will raise the Larry O’Brien trophy. If things go as planned that is. This time around, the season will end at the Wide World of Sports complex that is located at Disney World.  

 This current season has not been the traditional seasons that we are all accustomed to. First and foremost, we cannot even remember an NBA season where we have witnessed a four and a half months hiatus.The coronavirus world pandemic has caused the world to stop, and this also included the NBA. The season will resume on the 17th of August with a total of 22 teams playing 8 games each. All of this to crown the season’s winner. Following the crowning of a new winner, everyone is hoping to see a post season normality. Yet, this year there will be some delays. 4 and a half months delays to be exact.  

Have you placed your bets yet on who will be taking the 1st place title home?  With a little help from the team of, lets see the odds and prediction for NBA title odds and the NBA mvp. 

NBA Title Odds[Text Wrapping Break] 

Los Angeles Lakers +180 (bet $100 to win $180) 

Milwaukee Bucks +290 

Los Angeles Clippers +350 

Houston Rockets +1200 

Boston Celtics +1400 

Toronto Raptors +1700 

Denver Nuggets +1800 

Philadelphia 76ers +2500 

Miami Heat +3200 

Dallas Mavericks +3500 

New Orleans Pelicans +5000 

Oklahoma City Thunder +5000 

Utah Jazz +6000 

Portland Trail Blazers +7500 

Indiana Pacers +10000 

Brooklyn Nets +15000 

Memphis Grizzlies +50000 

Orlando Magic +50000 

Phoenix Suns +50000 

San Antonio Spurs +100000 

Sacramento Kings +125000 

Washington Wizards +200000 

NBA Finals Predictions 

LeBron Leads Lakers to NBA Finals 

We cannot help but look back at last year’s NBA season. It was a monumental season that saw Giannis Antetokounmpo win the NBA’s most prominent post: MVP. The athlete also helped the Milwaukee Bucks jump to No1 seed at the Eastern Conference. The MVP assisted his team in making history with one of the best postseason runs. One that we have not witnessed since the early 2000.  Pity that Busk then lost to the Raptors at the Eastern Conference Finals. You know what they say: you win some and you lose some.  

In case you are wondering just like us, we believe that even though LeBron James deserves it, we still believe Antetokounmpo will take home the title of MVP. Milwaukee is just 1 spot away from reaching the No1 seed. Hopefully this will see Milwaukee into the NBA finals. A moment that they have been waiting for since 1974.  

If we had to look back at the Buck’s performance last year, it was sensational. This was the first time that the Bucks had moved past the first round following the postseason. This is what placed the Milwaukee team in a solid position with some NBA bests being recorded including a 54-13 and a 35-5 scores.  

Antetokounmpo’s season this year is somehow better than the last, landing some of the best scores than the NBA has ever witnessed. How about a 29.8 and 13.8 points per game?  Whilst he might be named this season’s MVP, he might also lead Milwaukee to victory. But then again, there is LeBron James and the Lakers to talk about.  

Lakers Top Bucks in Competitive Series 

If we had to ask you who is the best overall team, would it be the Lakers or the Bucks …what would your answer be? We would need to wait for the NBA Finals to see, and this time around, it is all about the bubble.  

We are all reeling for the day and time when the Bucks meet the Lakers. Unfortunately for all of us, these two NBA pillars will not be meeting any time soon in a seeding game, yet the possibility of a Final NBA matchup should not be excluded. With their track record, we hope that these 2 will meet and give us a spectacular final.  

What will a Lakers vs Bucks Match look like? For starters, the stars that these 2 teams have are the best players we have ever seen grace and basketball pitch. When we mention the NBA, we cannot not mention LeBron James, who is deemed the king of basketball. Him and Davis together are a powerhouse and we bet the Milwaukee Bucks would defeat such a duo.  

LeBron James is a pillar in the NBA that is going for his 4th NBA title. And this time around, the Lakers want to commemorate Kobe Bryant’s legacy. Time time around with a Championship win, mark our words.