Guinness World Records Claims That The World’s Oldest Dog In The World Just Turned 31

world's oldest dog

Portugal’s CONQUEIROS — According to Guinness Records, the world’s oldest dog in the world has turned 31. A celebration was held on Saturday for Bobi, Rafeiro Alentejo dog, a purebred who has spent his entire life in the community of Conqueror, Portugal.

The “highly traditional” party of Portuguese drew above 100 guests, according to the host, Leonel Costa. More than 100 guests received local seafood and meats, plus additional for the world’s oldest dog, who only consumes human food. Additionally, a dancing group performed, and Bobi took part in their performance.

The World’s Oldest Dog Lives Up To The Age Of Thirty-One

In the past, Costa has nurtured various elderly dogs, including Gira, Bobi’s mother, who survived to be 18. Costa, though, claimed he had no idea his canines would live into their 30s. Bobi is unique, Costa said that they see similar circumstances regularly considering the kind of life he leads. The peaceful surrounding in which Bobi lives, in Costa’s words, is one of the main reasons for his longevity. Bobi has always had unrestricted access to the forests around Costa’s home. He’s never been tethered or chained as he has grown up around several animals, and the “highly sociable” canine never experienced loneliness, according to Costa.

Bobi, the world’s oldest dog, who is now elderly and has trouble walking, likes to sit in his backyard at home. He frequently runs into objects as he walks since his eyesight has gotten poorer. Bobi, the world’s oldest dog also takes several naps much like old people do. After eating, he falls asleep right away, though his owner claimed that on chilly days, he prefers to take a nap near the fire. The Veterinary hospital that registered him in 1992, has verified the world’s oldest dog’s birthdate.

A pet data portal approved by the government has also confirmed his age. When Bobi was only a pup, Costa, who is 38 at the moment, was only 8 back then. Bobi serves as a tangible memory of his past for him.