Allegations Of Sexual Abuse And Rape Against Russell Brand 

Russell Brand

The claims had been given in a collaborative investigation by Channel 4’s Dispatches, the ST, and the Times. Between 2006 and 2013, four women have made sexual assault allegations. In response, Russell Brand maintained his relationships had “always been consensual” and refuted the accusations. Brand held several high-profile positions throughout the period covered by the claims, including those at BBC, as well as acting roles in Hollywood productions.

Other allegations presented as the probe concern Brand’s alleged predatory, domineering, and abusive actions. The inquiry is reported in the ST, and on Saturday, Channel 4 aired the documentary Russell Brand – In Plain Sight. As part of his Bipolarization tour, Russell Brand had a comedy show scheduled at the 2K-seat TWPT in London Northwest only hours before the claims were made public.

Claims Of Rape Substantiated While Russell Brand Continues To Disagree

Russell Brand hinted at the charges but didn’t specifically address them throughout the hour-long show. He admitted to the audience that there were several topics he expected to discuss but was unable to. As part of the inquiry, several women made the following claims against Brand:

  • According to one woman, Brand sexually assaulted her behind a wall at his LA home. On the same day, she received treatment at a crisis facility for rape victims. The Times claims to have examined records to substantiate this.
  • Another woman claims that Brand raped her when she was around 16 and in school, while he was in his early 30s. He allegedly referred to her as “the child” during their controlling and emotionally abusive relationship, she claims.
  • Two other women claimed to have been severely harassed and abused by Russell both physically and emotionally while working with Russell Brand in LA.