This Is The Future And Reading Is Different Than You Remember

by Terry Heick

If one thing changes, everything changes.

Reading, for example—it has changed because writing has changed.

Writing has changed because the barriers to and means of publishing have changed.

Publishing has changed because technology changed, which itself changed because technology begets technology and the people crafting it just can’t help themselves.

Technology has a seemingly overwhelming and undeniable momentum. Which brings us to reading.

What Is Literacy?

In Why Students Should Read I wrote,

“Comprehension, however, is somewhere closer to your stomach. It’s personal–where the reader takes the internalized symbols and, leveraging their own schema and background knowledge, turns the symbols into something they can recognize and their soul winks and spins. This is a person making meaning.”

The point is that your ‘gut’ and its ongoing hunches about what you’re reading are a core part of literacy.

In Why So Many Students Don’t Like To Read, I again mentioned the ‘human’ side of reading:

“But that doesn’t excuse us from our own failures in how we teach reading in schools. We give students processes for writing and tools for reading without stopping to humanize the whole effort. Mechanized literacy has all sorts of troubling implications. You and…

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