Thor Vs Eddie Hall- The Battle Of The Titans

thor vs eddie hall
thor vs eddie hall

While Thor and Eddie Hall had their feuds while competing for the World’s Strongest Man, the Thor vs Eddie Hall boxing match didn’t have such a gray, murky area. The match, which was billed as the heaviest boxing match in the history of boxing matches, saw the two titans going at it in a six-round amateur bout in Abu Dhabi. The Thor vs Eddie Hall match ended up with Thor winning by a decision of 57-54, 57-54, 57-54, thereby proving that he was definitely the better boxer of the two. 

Thor vs Eddie Hall- Battle Of The Strongmen

For Thor, the Thor vs Eddie Hall boxing fight was the fourth bout, and currently, he stands undefeated at 2-0-2. After the match ended, Bjornsson- one of the greatest Strongman competitors ever- was asked if his feud with Eddie Hall- another titan in the Strongman games- was over. Bjornsson replied that the feud was over from his side, but Eddie Hall was definitely a bit angry about the loss. Naturally, there were a lot of emotions running high, and Thor had been there and experienced the same. But if Eddie wanted to go again in the ring, it wasn’t a problem for him.

After the Thor vs Eddie Hall fight, what was in store for the Icelandic Viking? The 33-year-old couldn’t say what was next for him, but he did sound pretty excited about continuing his training and getting in the ring to fight. Through the six three-minute rounds, Thor managed to knock Eddie down thrice, once in Round 3 with a hard left hook, and again in the final round 1-1-2 combination. Hall, on his part, also managed to send in a power shot to Thor, which sent him all the way to the ropes. 

Interestingly, the Thor vs Eddie Hall was purely technical, and none of the fighters were thinking of overpowering the other with brute strength. Also, though Eddie Hall was justifiably out of breath by the last round, Thor looked pretty composed throughout.

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