Threats reported at polling places in NE Ga

Threats reported at polling places in NE Ga
Threats reported at polling places in NE Ga

As the political world focuses on Georgia for Tuesday’s Senate runoff election so does the watchful eyesight of law enforcement.

Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne has found that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into “specific threats.”

“The GBI has been made alert to specific threats regarding Tuesday’s upcoming election. Our firm is dealing with federal government, talk about, and local partners to research them. The target is to ensure a safe election and that voters have access to polling locations,” the GBI said in a affirmation to Channel 2 Action Media.

“There’s been a hazard to polling places in 10 counties in the express of Georgia,” GBI director Vic Reynolds said.

“What is it possible to let people about whether it’s safe to vote in these counties?” Winne asked Reynolds.

“What I’d certainly share anyone who is contemplating heading to the polls tomorrow to move do that. Personally i think comfortable that they must do it, that they can be safe carrying it out,” Reynolds said.

Georgia Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs said as four Georgia U.S. Senate applicants summary their runoff campaigns proceeding into Tuesday, somebody’s been on a contact plan of threats with representatives in at least 10 Georgia counties getting profanity laced communications threatening detonations and even alluding to the Boston Marathon bombing.

“We’re not heading to put on with this kind of tendencies,” Fuchs said.

“We’re monitoring it literally minute-by-minute with our intellect network,” Reynolds said.

“Are the messages the main topic of a criminal analysis?” Winne asked Reynolds.

“They are. You understand our goal here is to learn who the sender is. We’re working with our national partners to perform that goal,” Reynolds said.

Fuchs said all or almost all of the counties which she is aware – Spalding, Cherokee, Floyd, Bulloch, Paulding, Glynn, Laurens, Jackson, Franklin and Barrow– are Republican-leaning counties, and even though the sender suggests he or she is a Trump supporter, Fuchs said the sender is “clearly somebody…endeavoring to intimidate Republican voters and control Republican turnout come Tuesday.”

The FBI Atlanta field office emailed a statement saying: “We take all threats seriously and are in communication with this local, state and federal partners. As always, we ask everyone to understand their environment and survey any dubious activity to police.”

“We, the GBI, have pushed out this information to the local people. It’s certainly an area responsibility to ensure that the polling precincts are safe but I’m comfortable in letting you know at this time I think they are really,” Reynolds said.

A Cherokee State Sheriff’s Office post said before the article of the threatening e-mail, arrangements had already been made to have Cherokee sheriff’s deputies, Cherokee Region marshals, municipal law enforcement officials and Cherokee Region School Cops at every polling stop in Cherokee County.

Georgia Sheriffs Connection executive director Terry Norris said he has spoken to the sheriffs in most of the 10 counties known to have gotten the threat email messages, and even prior to the e-mails, all the sheriffs to whom he spoke were prepared to secure polling places. There’s heightened recognition now.

At least some will be doing sweeps of polling places and every sheriff to whom Winne spoke on Monday said the polls will be safe and people should vote.