Tim McGraw Has Found A Partner In Faith Hill

Tim McGraw
Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been going through the empty nest syndrome, with their youngest daughter leaving home for a career. In the week’s cover story for PEOPLE, McGraw spoke about how one gets used to a routine- of waking up in the morning and taking their kids to school which would usually be followed up with softball, basketball, and baseball practices.

And all of a sudden, the house gets completely empty as the last one leaves. The older daughters of the couple, Gracie- an actress, and Maggie- a degree from Stanford, had already moved out of the state, so the family home in Nashville seems far too empty for the McGraws. 

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Are Going Through Empty Nest Syndrome

Tim McGraw further mentioned how he would always miss the afternoons as his wife would make sure that something was always cooking for when their kids would come back from school. He missed his girls getting excited about dinner, and he missed the energy that they brought with themselves.

There were times when they had close to 15 girls in the house, all gossiping about boys, life, and everything in between. While the family is still close and they talk every single day, there is a difference between having them around, rather than seeing them through a phone screen. 

When Tim McGraw’s kids were young, his wife Faith Hill decided to put her career behind her to focus on parenting. She spoke about how she had been the model parent for the last 10, 15 years, and it was quite tough to let it all go. Although their job as parents was to enable their kids to look after themselves, the part where they get independent wasn’t something neither Hill nor McGraw wanted. 

But Tim McGraw is glad and proud about one thing- he has raised three fine young women who are making their way through life on their own.