Jill Biden Announces White House Holiday Decorations For 2022: First Lady Goes For “We The People” Theme

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Jill Biden, the first lady of America, has gone for the “We the People” subject for the coming holiday season as she decked the halls of the White House inspired by the American Constitution. She was joined by leaders of the National Guard, volunteers, and their families across America.

Jill Biden will uncover the ornamentation later on Monday. She offered a message for the holidays that talks about unity and home, it was revealed in an announcement.

Jill Biden Has Said That We The People Will Remain The Soul Of The Nation

Jill Biden has maintained that We the People was and will always be the soul of the nation. And that has been the inspiration for this year’s holiday decoration for the White House. In step with Jill Biden’s initiative in support of military families, she commenced the “Joining Forces” initiative with a salute to the National Guards.

Beau Biden, Jill Biden’s stepson, was a Delaware National Guard major who served in Iraq and died of brain cancer in 2015.

Authorities revealed that Jill Biden, as the parent of a National Guard, wished to honor and display appreciation for the singular role played by the Guards in serving America.

The decorations comprise seventy-seven Christmas trees that bear over 83,000 garlands, lights, wreaths, and various other presentations. The White House’s northern and southern facades will be ornamented by over two dozen classic wreaths. Also on display inside the White House library will be a print of the Declaration of Independence.

Recreation and nature will be reflected in the East Room, which is the White House’s largest. Trees decorated with snowy decorations will be on display depicting the 4 major national parks: Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Shenandoah, and the Smoky Mountains. These will be displayed on the mantel over the fireplace.