Ultra Partisan Conservative Judge Samuel Alito Cancels Conference Appearance After Anti-Abortion And Same-Sex Tirade

samuel alito
samuel alito

Justice Samuel Alito canceled his appearance in Tennessee following the leakage of a draft opinion that he had authored. The draft paper has categorically stated that the highest court would knock down Roe v. Wade.

The draft decision indicated that the highest court would reverse the landmark Roe v. Wade verdict of 1973 that guarantees abortion rights. Samuel Alito was listed to attend the judicial conference 5th US Circuit Court of Appeal. It is an assembly of judges of the court of federal appeals in New Orleans and also the district court in Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana.

But Samuel Alito has subsequently canceled his attendance and would not be speaking, according to Supreme Court spokesperson, Patricia McCabe. She declined to give any reason why the judge who is assigned for emergency appeals from the fifth circuit would not attend.

Samuel Alito Had Earlier Expressed His Partisan Opinions At The Ultra-Conservative The Federalist Society

Earlier the ultra-conservative Samuel Alito had railed against abortion, COVID restrictions, same-sex marriage, and the alleged persecution of conservatives in his ‘opinion’ piece. He had delivered a keynote address at The Federalist Society, the ultra-conservative network of attorneys. The society was a happy hunting ground for disgraced former president Donald Trump, who elevated scores of its members to the federal judiciary.

Samuel Alito in his speech attacked Democrats, the US response to the COVID-19 restrictions, the progressive movement, same-sex marriage, the contraceptive mandate, and LGBTQ nondiscrimination laws.

Chief Justice  Roberts has termed the leak a ‘betrayal’ while confirming the authenticity of the draft opinion penned by Samuel Alito. It said that it was not final.

Roberts and Clarence Thomas are both scheduled to speak on succeeding days at the 11 Circuit’s Atlanta judicial conference, though it is uncertain if they will still attend.

Alito has recorded a video for the attendees adding that any personal attendance was impractical.

The partisan attitude of Samuel Alito and other Supreme Court judges has led to widespread protests and law enforcement officials are preparing for violence and unrest. The rabidly partisan attitude of Samuel Alito has shown up the Supreme Court in a very poor light and has given rise to the suspicion that it is the combined opinion of the 6 Republican-appointed judges.