Timothee Chalamet Infuses Life Into Troye Sivan’s Character

Timothee Chalamet

Timothee Chalamet brilliantly embraced the actor in him as he portrayed Australian pop star Troye Sivan’s Saturday Night Life. In one sketch of the episode on November 11, Timothee Chalamet showcased his comedic abilities and his versatility in one broad sweep. The sketch depicted revolves around a character played by Sarah Sherman. She complains to the doctor that she saw a mysterious character in her dreams. The doctor relies on an unusual therapy that causes the image to appear even when the woman stays awake.

To the woman’s surprise, Timothee Chalamet appears in the role of Troye Sivan. He is blond, dressed in baggy pants, and dons a white tank top while sporting wavy hair. Timothee Chalamet performed a brilliant rendition of Got Me Started, Sivan’s latest hit number. It was paired with the signature choreography of the Australian singer. At one stage Timothee Chalamet flashes his brief before the camera even as he wiggled his butt.

The Portrayal Demonstrates Timothee Chalamet’s Comical Ability

At this, the woman asks the vision if he were a demon. Chalamet-turned-Sivan answered that it was not the case. He says that he was an Australian gay YouTuber who had turned into an indie pop singer and also a model turned actor named Troye Sivan. He added that an American actor was essaying the role though he could not do an Australian accent.

The character goes on to humorously highlight the rising fame of Sivan and his ability to attract audiences, especially women. The character explains that the singer was haunting even more women in their dreams as the boy was now in the mainstream. The doctor reminds her that Sivan is gay-famous as opposed to famous. Timothee Chalamet demonstrates his ability to embody multiple characters and also use authenticity and humor to enliven them. It was a comedic triumph of sorts for Chalamet.