Tina Smith’s View On The Filibuster Rule

Tina Smith
Tina Smith

The Minnesota-based Senator, Tina Smith, seems to be shifting her position with regard to the crucial issues that are currently revolving around the administration of Joe Biden, the president of the United States of America. One of the issues is the filibuster rule.

Senator Tina Smith is currently of the view that there has to be a reform in the rule of the filibuster. she gave a statement with regard to the need for the reform of a news channel.

Tina Smith Stands Against Filibuster

She stated the fact that in the absence of reform, the reform can have serious damage to the democracy of the country. it is to be noted that the rule of the filibuster is used up by the minority party on the floor of the US Senate in order to block the legislation.

The move of Tina Smith is a crucial one. Not all of the Senators are speaking out on the issue of the filibuster rule. Tina Smith is one of the politicians who are speaking out. These senators are the ones who are of the view that things have to be changed. They are either advocating for certain workarounds to be brought in the proposals of legislatures like the voting rights or little modifications. The main purpose of this is to prevent the US Congress from getting to a standstill.

Angus King, the Senator, also gave his view with regard to the law in question. Senator Smith made the argument that the rule gives outsized power to the lawmakers who are in a minority. It gives a voice to these lawmakers. She stated that earlier, she was of the view that it was very important to give a voice to the minorities but that was not taking place.

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