A Chinese Spy Balloon Caused Petrifying Situation

chinese spy balloon

A recent trip to china of secretary Antony Blinken was canceled because a Chinese Spy Balloon was floating in the sky of USA territory. This made the relationship between china USA tense. The intention of this suspicious balloon is, however, it caused a whirlwind situation in the states, leaving people on edge and in terror. The frightening scene of the balloon made residents question their lives. The balloon is supposed to go towards the east and exit the coast on Saturday, which doesn’t defines the terrors in civilians’ voices.

Did China Ignite Another Cold War Via Chinese Spy Balloon?

The ‘spy balloon’ concept goes way back to the days of the war. Even before the modern era. A balloon floating in a foreign territory was taken as a threat to the nation, or maybe china was trying to give heads-up before something even more tragic. The Chinese spy balloon postponed the trip to china. Even the secretary is annoyed over the fact and calls it an irresponsible act. However, China has apologized for the unintentional act of terror, which caused the whole nation to anticipate something major.

The Chinese spy balloon was first seen in the Montana sky. A former royal Australian officer told the news that it was collecting information from US radar and communication systems. It was a satellite system that could have collected some sensitive information from the nation, which could be used in the future to threaten the nation or even used against it.

No one knows even if china is shaking hands with Russia, thus could another world war. However, the latest investigation showed the Chinese spy balloon doesn’t posses a threat any kind of, either military or political. No one knows what the chinse spy balloon holds currently, so no one could take the risk of even shooting it.