Title 42 May Finally Be Ending But What Does It Mean For The Border?

Title 42

Title 42, one of the most controversial policies regarding the border, may be coming to an end. It was a set of restrictions set down by the Trump government during the pandemic that officials used the most to reject migrants from entering the country via the border with Mexico. The title, if there is no further interference, will automatically expire on May 11th.

The Impact Of Title 42 Ending

The end of Title 42 has been public knowledge for several months. The end of this policy also coincides with the Biden administration’s decision to end the national state of emergency regarding public health due to Covid. The border restrictions in Title 42 were legally built upon this emergency declaration, alongside some other policies.

As per the prediction of officials, a considerable increase in migrants attempting to enter the US will happen upon the end of Title 42. A possible major reason behind this spike may be the desperation and waning patience of migrants who had already been turned away to Mexico because of the policy.

According to advocates, a dire situation has befallen many expelled due to Title 42. Since Joe Biden became president, Human Rights First reported 13,000 instances involving rape, torture, kidnapping, or other forms of violence inflicted upon people expelled to Mexico or blocked by Title 42.

The second reason behind the expected surge, as per officials, may be misinformation spread by smugglers who will look to exploit the migrants to make profits. Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security, spoke to reporters in the previous week about this issue. During his statement, he requested people who are looking to migrate to not be prey to smugglers’ efforts. He explained that they are being deceived, and will only be putting their lives as well as life savings at risk.