US General Reveals That Russian Ground Forces Appear To Be Bigger Now

US General

A senior US general has offered a grim assessment of Russia’s military might, saying that despite major casualties in Ukraine, the country’s ground troops are larger than they were at the beginning of the 2022 invasion.

US General Shares Details Of The War

According to Gen. Christopher Cavoli, head of US European Command, “the Russian military force has been somewhat degenerated by this conflict, albeit it is bigger now than it had been at the very start of the conflict.” The air force has suffered little losses. They still have 1,000 jets and fighter bombers after losing 80 aircraft. One ship has been lost by the Navy, he added.

Previously in the hearing, US General Cavoli stated that “a significant portion of the Russian military hasn’t been negatively affected by this conflict.” He went on to say that its underwater troops were becoming more confident in the Atlantic.

According to US General Cavoli, Russia continues to combine its military strength with hacking and control of the global energy supply. Figures in a US armed forces-intelligence breach earlier this month suggested that up to 43,000 Russians had been killed in the battle, compared to 17,500 Ukrainians.

Insider is unable to verify the authenticity of the figures, which are lower than prior estimates from the Center for Strategic and International Studies and UK military intelligence, and the assessment’s date is uncertain.

A study in The Economist stated that Russia’s need for tanks was outpacing its capacity to replenish them by a ratio of 10, while an estimate by the International Institute for Strategic Studies in February suggested that Russia had lost nearly 40% of its prewar supply of combat tanks. The US has provided adequate weaponry for an anticipated Ukrainian counteroffensive, Cavoli added, adding that “staying the course” in terms of assistance for Ukraine was “very important.”