Steven Tyler Counter Charges His Opponent

steven tyler

Julia Misley filed a lawsuit against Steven Tyler for assaulting a minor sexually. He denied all allegations and filed a counter-lawsuit against Julie Misley last week. Her lawyer claims he is gaslighting her now so that she can withdraw all the charges. He gave out long lists of his defenses where he did nothing wrong per se. The incident happened decades ago, whatever happened was completely consensual.

Steven Tyler’s “Did Not Harm Her”

Steven Tyler in a long list of defenses mentioned he did not cause any injury to Julie Misley.Whatever she is claiming all allegations are false, and her only intention is to defame him. He listed out 24 affirmative defenses where he denied all allegations.

Steven Tyler has been in a sexual relationship with Julie Misley. Things happen between them. Everything has consented he did not force her to perform any kind of sexual activity. Steven Tyler was Julie Misley’s legal guardian. He even urged the court to dismiss the false lawsuit. Julie Misley filed a lawsuit against him for sexual assault, sexual battery, and intentional emotional distress.

She filed the lawsuit on December 31st. Suspiciously just the day before the California child victims act. Julie Misley filed that lawsuit where she did not mention Steven Tyler’s name anywhere. It was Tyler who perhaps mentioned unmanned 16 years old in his memoir. Julie Misley directly quoted all the lines from his book before filing a lawsuit. She now claims Tyler had the money and fame to destroy her. He signed her custodial papers so he can take her out of the state. She will have no right whatsoever to speak up.