Tom Brady Could Be Joining Fox Sports After Retirement

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

It has been reported that Tom Brady, NFL GOAT, could be joining Fox Sports as the lead analyst of NFL when he finally retires from the game. Although the media house didn’t really disclose the terms of the deal, the New York Post has reported that the quarterback did agree to a 10-year, $375 million contract- which naturally is the most lucrative deal in sports broadcasting history.

Lachlan Murdoch, the CEO of Fox, went on to announce this on Tuesday during a corporal call between investors. Brady will be calling games alongside Kevin Burkhardt- the play-by-play announcer, and will also be working as an ambassador for the media house with a major focus on promotional initiatives. 

Tom Brady To Pick Up Media Career Post Retirement?

Murdoch also stated that he was quite delighted that Tom Brady did commit to joining the Fox team, and also wished him the best for the upcoming season. Although Brady did tweet that he was quite excited about the whole new avenue, he also noted that he had unfinished business on the field with his team- the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Murdoch further mentioned that the deal was up for grabs for Brady- whenever he decided to retire from the NFL and join Fox. Brady did lead the team from Tampa Bay to a Super Bowl title after the 2020 season, along with an NFC South title last season. 

According to data recovered from the Roster Management System, Tom Brady has apparently made close to $302,674,250 in his career. The three-time MVP is also scheduled to make close to $15 million more in the 2022 season, which would bring his net career earnings to $317 million. And it does seem Fox needs a zing to bring back their audiences. As it stands, they did lose out on their top football announcers, Troy Aikman and Joe Buck, to ESPN. 

Tom Brady won’t be the first superstar quarterback to pursue a media career post-retirement. Even Tony Romo, who gave 14 years to the Dallas Cowboys, has been the lead analyst for CBS.