Kyiv Has Been Firmly Held Under Control By Ukraine

Kyiv Ukraine

An official from the Ukrainian government stated that the military forces had wrested control over their capital city of Kyiv– with improved chances of peace talks. Hanna Malyar, the Deputy Defense Minister for the country, did mention in a Facebook post on Saturday that the whole region around the capital city had been liberated from the invader. Yet, this comment was not held in counter-point by Russia- with CNBC not being able to verify the claim independently.

Kyiv Has Been Taken Back By The Ukrainian Military 

In yet another interesting development, the peace talks possibility between Kyiv and Moscow seems to have advanced on Saturday. According to the negotiator in the Ukraine government, David Arakhamia, the peace treaty documents that had been drafted have started moving along far enough for both Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, and Vladimir Putin, the Premier of Russia. This news arrived at the same time as the announcement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine which claimed that around 18,000 Russian military forces had already been killed since the invasion began. At this level, the number of Russian military killed in this invasion does exceed the high end of an estimate provided by NATO of 7,000 to 15,000.

The air activity of the invaders has already started increasing over southeastern Ukraine in the last week as the invading forces have started shifting their efforts to that part of the country. This did not solve any problems for the Russians as the Ukrainians managed to regain Kyiv quite swiftly after that. Also, the anti-air capabilities of Ukraine can still pose quite a major challenge to Russian warplanes as well as helicopters- which have not been able to locate and destroy any of the air defense units of the Ukrainian army. 

The southeastern part of the country which the Russians have decided to focus on includes the city of Mariupol- which seems to have been destroyed by the Russian siege. But on the other hand, the ground forces of the invaders have been pushed back from Kyiv.