Tom Brady Sent Kelsey Plum A Gift

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

The fact that Kelsey Plum adores Tom Brady has not made her coy about it.

You can probably guess what happened when the WNBA star got a gift from the 7 time Super Bowl winner.

Plum posted a video to her Instagram story in which she opened a box full of items from the Tampa Bay Bucs QB and reacted in shock. The 2022 WNBA Most Valuable Player opened her jaws wide as she revealed Brady’s red Buccaneers jersey with a letter scrawled across the white Number. 12.

Tom Brady Wished Good Luck

The note atop the 1 said, “Kelsey, you are awesome.”

Above Number. 2, Tom Brady wrote “Best of luck!” and “L.F.G.” in his signature.

“No!” A squeal of delight erupted from Plum, and she began to dance wildly around the kitchen. With a shout of surprise, she threw the jersey on her head and hid her face with it.

Another set of black pants was in the box, so Plum went back and put them on too. As soon as the video finished, she started looking for additional information.

Later, once the video had gone viral online, Brady reposted it on Twitter, this time with the hashtag “#LFG @Kelseyplum10.”

In May, as Plum’s Las Vegas Aces took against the Ct Sun at Michelob Ultra Center, Brady, a 3-time NFL MVP, was in attendance for the first time. After catching a glance with her “favorite athlete,” the point guard said she “was like, ‘Screw it!'” and decided to let her guard down. In interviews with the Tampa Bay area press before this big matchup, Brady had nothing but praise for Rodgers.

TB12 praised Rodgers for his long career of exceptional play in Green Bay and for his ability to overcome adversity while playing with a group of young receivers. Tom Brady finished his statement by praising both Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre, who have both played quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.