Morgan Wallen Prohibited From Attending The 2021 Billboard Music Award

Morgan Wallen
Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen, the American singer and songwriter of country music, will not be allowed to attend the 2021 Billboard Music Awards. This is because of the scandal that has erupted concerning the star. He was caught using offensive language in one of the videos. 

The video was taken at a house party. It also revealed that there were no protocols of the coronavirus that was followed at the party. The house was overcrowded.  This has led to a surge of backlash against the musician. However, there has been a rise in the sales of the music of Morgan Wallen.

Morgan Wallen Efforts To Mend Things

One of the Billboard obtained production companies gave a statement on the status of the issue concerning the condemned artist. It was stated that the singer is prohibited from having any sort of involvement with the Billboard. That includes accepting, presenting, or performing. The reason behind the decision had also been stated. That is the conduct of Morgan Wallen had been contradictory to the values of the production company. It is to be noted that the banned singer is one of the finalists as per the charting basis.

The statement claimed that the nominations of the artists are made on the basis of the performance that they have given on the charts of the Billboard. And that the nominations are carried out by any of the organizations of membership or voting committees. Following the scandal, Morgan Wallen made a public apology for using the word. He also stated that he had talked to a number of communities to know why it was wrong to use the word. 

The production company released a statement following the act of the “7 summers” artist. They stated that they were happy to see the move of the artist and that his future participation would be taken into consideration.