Gigi Hadid’s Baby’s Name Has Been Revealed!

gigi hadid
gigi hadid

Supermodel Gigi Hadid and former One Direction member and singer Zayn Malik came up with a sweet and unique name for their baby daughter. Gigi made the revelation very subtly by changing her Instagram bio, adding ‘Khai’s mom.’ Other celebrities share their life and important events publicly over social media. But the star couple has preferred to stay low-key about posting pictures of the baby. The posts cleverly hide her face since her arrival last September.

Her Instagram bio was perhaps the first official confirmation from Gigi Hadid about her daughter’s name referred to her as ‘Khai’s mom,’ though the couple had been posting pictures of their parenting since her last year. Cute images of her fingers twinning with her little princess to the couple in a frame with the caption ‘Team No Sleep’ floated on her Instagram account.

Fans Go On Gigi Hadid’s Previous Instagram Posts

Though Gigi Hadid only recently revealed her baby girl’s name to her fans, they were too excited to look for any clues she might have left in her previous posts. They searched so frantically and with such keenness that they zoomed the photographs she had posted earlier to look for any clue to the name. Her eagle-eyed fans were so eager; they succeeded in finding the name ‘Khai’ on a Christmas greeting card. It was tucked inside a potted plant beside a Christmas tree, in one of the photos, last November.

The subtlety with which Gigi Hadid revealed the name was what made her fans go for this hunt. They were not disappointed either. Whether or not the November post of Hadid was intentional remains open for speculation. Fans also speculate that Zayn has gotten the baby’s name tattoed on his wrist.