Tom Cotton Attacks Fauci: Calls Him ‘Partisan,’ Says He Lied To Congress

tom cotton
tom cotton

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton (Arkansas) blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci, saying that bureaucrats like him think they are the epitome of knowledge and know everything about science, even though they are just ‘so-called experts’ qualified only to give interviews.

Om Cotton has joined a growing list of Republican politicians including Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky) and Senator Ted Cruz (Texas) who have personally hit out at Dr. Fauci.

Cotton said that it was the hubris of a person who claim absolute knowledge of science but was merely an arrogant unelected technocrat.

Dr. Fauci had directly attacked sustained criticism by Republican politicians of his COVID-19 policies at an interview. He said that the Republican Senator who criticized him were in fact criticizing science, as he represented science.

Dr. Fauci said that was more than the personal attack that he faces. Because attacking science was damaging and harms society in the long run.

Tom Cotton struck back at Dr. Fauci on Monday, demanding the head of NIAID be investigated. He accused Fauci of lying before Congress about allowing American funding of research in Chinese labs, including at the Wuhan facility that is suspected to be the source of the COVID-19 virus.

Dr. Fauci Said That Republicans Like Tom Cotton Were Attacking Him To Divert Attention From The January 6 Riots

Tom Cotton said that the agency had earlier admitted to funding research in China, and Fauci was lying when he claims that it did not happen in his testament.

Tom Cotton said that it is a prime example of how such bureaucrats think that they are the personification of science and knowledge.

Tom Cotton also made a direct attack on Democrats in the House and even President Biden calling them grubby politicians. He said that it was not within their rights to tell people how to go about their lives. He said that American democracy doesn’t function that way.

Earlier Sen. Cruz had alleged that Dr. Fauci was an unelected bureaucrat who was distorting scientific facts to exercise

Dr. Fauci has alleged that the Republicans were attacking him to divert attention from the January 6 insurrection investigations and other scandals associated with Trump’s misrule.