Tom Hanks on How Artificial Intelligence Will Make It Possible to Keep Appearing in Movies After Death

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks

In his remarks, Tom Hanks discusses AI tech that might one day allow him to go on acting in new movies even after he has passed away.

On The Adam Buxton Podcast, Hanks stated that AI has provided us with a genius possibility and that he may even be able to put together a series with multiple seasons and episodes which can even happen thirty-two years from now. He further added that anybody could now recreate anything, even themselves in point of age through either deep technology or AI. He jokingly added then that even if he were to be struck by a vehicle the next day, his performance could go on for ages to come and there will not even be any way for us to say if the shot had been performed by Tom Hanks or if was it AI-generated

Tom Hanks Discusses His Career And Prospects As An AI-Generated Image Post Demise

For the film Here, where Hanks is reuniting with the famous Forrest Gump creator Robert Zemeckis, AI technology will probably be used to artificially adjust his age. The actor questioned whether viewers would be concerned if AI was employed in movies.

Tom Hanks claims that various agents in Hollywood are already creating contracts to safeguard performers in light of the advancements in technology. He stated that talks are going on in certain guilds, law agencies, or any other sort of agency where people are working on bringing up legal repercussions of his face, his voice, and that of many other actors along with their intellectual properties.

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