Tom Hanks Pulls Out A Surprise For Newly Wed

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. He has a unique flair in him that makes him stand apart from the rest. Hanks has been an asset for American cinema. The ease with which he portrayed both dramatic & light roles is praiseworthy. 

Tom has a large fan following that is not limited to the United States. He is loved and adored by audiences from all over the world. His movies have made a handsome business of over $9.96ball over the world. This has made Tom the fourth richest actor in North America. 

Besides being a successful individual, Hanks is also a great human. He has been associated with a lot of social works. Tom Hanks decided to surprise a newlywed couple recently. Tom was taking a stroll at the Santa Monica Pier beach. He spotted a couple and decided to congratulate them. Let us know more about the incident below. 

Tom Hanks Makes Married Couple Joyous 

Imagine being congratulated on your wedding by a Hollywood celebrity. That is exactly what happened with the newlywed couple Tashia Ferries & Diciembre. The couple got married on the 22nd of October. After getting married the duo decided to go out on the beach. Both of them were having fun along with a photography session. That is when they were starstruck. 

Tom Hanks was strolling through the beach leisurely when he spotted the couple. Much to the shock of the duo, Hanks came up to them. He shared congratulatory messages and wished them luck. Both brides were too astonished to speak. Diciembre stated that they could not speak for a while. None of them could believe what they saw. 

However, the couples expressed their gratitude towards Tom Hanks. They thanked him and stated that it was an icing on the cake moment for them. 

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