Kari Lake Has The Support Of Donald Trump

kari lake
kari lake

Kari Lake, the American television news journalist, and the anchor is endorsed by Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America. She is one of those people from the media who has done a lot to propagate the lies of the former President belonging to the Republican Party with regard to the 2020 Presidential elections. She is now getting his full support for the governor’s election that is to be held in the state of Arizona in the year 2022.  

Kari Lake Vs Katie Hobbs

Kari Lake was chosen by the former President from among a huge group of other people. They include Kimberly Yee, the state treasurer, Matt Salmon, a former member of the US Congress, Karrin Taylor Robson, the member of the Board of Regents of Arizona. The leading candidate belonging to the Democratic Party is Katie Hobbs. She is the secretary of the state of Arizona. She is a very fierce competition to Kari Lake. She is someone who has managed to rise above everything that could possibly bring her down. 

In one of the public events, Katie Hobbs gave a statement about Donald Trump endorsed Kari Lake. She stated that the people of Arizona were tired of all the conspiracy theories that were propagated by the Republican candidate. Hobbs also accused her of wasting the money of the taxpayers and breaching the trust of the voters of the state by discrediting the results of the 2020 Presidential elections. And on the other hand, the statement of former President Donald Trump regarding his candidate was very different. He claimed that as long as Lake is in the media industry, there is not a single person who can propagate any sort of fake news.