Top 3 Dos And Don’t When You Quit Smoking


Getting started with a quit smoking, varenicline treatment is the first step towards the glorious and rewarding goal of getting rid of a health-injurious smoking habit. As you consult with Numan experts and try their products, keep in mind the do’s and don’ts you are to practice in saying goodbye to smoking. 

3 Best Quit Smoking Tips 

1. Consult Your Doctor 

This is probably something you didn’t expect to read. Asking for support from your loved ones is a must, and is a route traversed on by many habitual smokers once they are decided on starting to live healthily. But consulting a medical practitioner regarding quitting smoking? Will that really help? 

Yes, it most certainly will. After a diagnosis, your doctor will have a better understanding of how long you have been smoking, how often, and what your current health status is. All of these work together as your medical practitioner prepares specialized and personalized prescriptions on what types of starter packs and/or treatments you can avail of. These, along with what other health practices you are to commence, as you progress in your quit-smoking life-plan. 

2. A Healthier Alternative 

Addiction is a psychological disorder. Getting rid of one’s addiction towards smoking isn’t merely about kicking the habit to the curb. It is also about living healthily. Making healthy choices daily, from what you eat, drink, how much time you work and rest, how often you exercise, and more. 

Besides these basics, hobbies are just as vital. Things you can do during your downtime. If in the past, you and your friends, and/or loved one went to bars to drink and smoke, talk to them about helping you quit smoking and learning to decide on healthier options. A movie with the gang, with popcorn and fruit drinks. Stay-in, order-in date nights with your significant other. Get creative and jot down such a list with your friends and family. 

And in case you and your lovey aren’t really the “going out type”, indoor hobbies are a-plenty.

3. Stress-Free Activities 

Did you know that nicotine induces the release of cortisol— stress hormones? A majority of smokers believe that smoking helps ease their minds. That it helps them relax. This is all but a similarity to a placebo effect (a placebo effect, being an occurrence associated with an action, even if said action, in reality, does not produce the same results). In other words, it is an imagined effect due to how composed the actions of lifting a cigarette and the puffing of it are.

Instead, choose activities that will truly alleviate both your body and mind of anxiety and stress. Something as simple as taking a 3-minute walk after a mind-crushing meeting at the office. Having a warm cup of cocoa, tea, or milk (milk contains tryptophan— an agent which can be transformed into the emotion-and-mood-stabilizing hormone, serotonin). 

If you are a coffee-drinker, you may want to lessen your intake of caffeine. Caffeine is a natural and organic stimulant which can cause your central nervous system to go on alert-mode after a few sips. And then that all too familiar crash soon after, if you drink too much. 

Should you think that you can handle your coffee, then go ahead. If not, maybe switch to the decaffeinated sort. All the more if coffee plus cigarettes were your pastime. For the latter, cut caffeine out entirely.