The Uncompromising Writer Annie Ernaux Won The Nobel In Literature

Annie Ernaux

The Nobel Prize in Literature has indeed been awarded to French author Annie Ernaux for her “uncompromising” 50-year collection of works that examines “a life defined by vast discrepancies relating to gender, class, and language.”

The coveted prize, which is valued 10 mn Swedish kronor, is given out by the Academy of Sweeden. It is “a huge honour,” she remarked.

The writer, 82-year-work, old’s according to the chairman of the literary panel, Anders Olsson, is “admirable and lasting.”

He said that the writer used her clinical acuity and courage to tell those mostly autobiographical stories. He said that the story shared the social experience, humiliation, shame, jealousy and inability.

The stories written by The writer of uncompromising, The Annie Ernaux, namely A Man’s Place And A Woman’s Story are said to be a cult classic in France.

Annie Ernaux To Receive The Noble In Literature For Her Story Uncompromising:

Annie Ernaux, the very first woman from France to receive the literary prize, told journalists that she felt obligated to “resume the struggle against injustice” as a result of her victory.

As reported by the AFP media organization, she claimed that while writing did not have an “instant influence,” she nevertheless felt a duty to continue the fight for the right of “women as well as the downtrodden”.

Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, praised Annie Ernaux and referred to the voice as “those of the emancipation of ladies and of those forgotten.”

She is a “rare and remarkable” writer, according to Fitzcarraldo Editions’ Jacques Testard, which distributes her works’ translation in English language.

She always took a stand for her rights as a woman, as somebody who emerged from the working class of France, undaunted, for decade upon decade according to Annie Ernaux’s US publisher Dan Simon of 7 Stories Press.