Emmanuel Duron Arrested For Assaulting Ref; Edinburg HS Out Of Texas Playoffs

Emmanuel Duron
Emmanuel Duron

Emmanuel Duron, the senior defensive lineman of the Edinburg High School, recently cost his entire team’s presence in the Texas football playoffs owing to a major attack on a referee mid game on Thursday night.

The incident happened after Emmanuel was ejected from a game on Thursday. The player lost his temper and assaulted the referee for which he has been arrested currently. Owing to this incident, the entire team has been kicked out of the Texas football playoffs.

Emmanuel Duron’s Assault On Referee Video Gone Viral

A video showing Emmanuel Duron running on the field to attack the official has been circulating on the internet since Friday and has currently gone viral on social media. the news of Edinburg HS being removed from the Texas playoffs was confirmed after an official notice that was issued by the school district on Friday, December 4.

The Edinburg CISD’s statement read that it is the district’s decision to remove Edinburg football team from the playoffs owing to the “unexpected incident” initiated by a student during a game on the 3rd of December. Additionally, the Edinburg CISD Board of administration and Trustees extended their sincere apologies to the referee and his family. They also extended their apologies to the other players, the staff and the entire school community that organize the playoffs.

The board has also mentioned in a statement made to the press that appropriate action will be taken regarding the incident against Emmanuel Duron who was arrested right after the attack. The board said they will try and understand the facts of the case first and then move onto the next phase. They further mentioned that the incident is a grave one and they will be taking the matter seriously. They declined to comment any further regarding this incident saying that it is a “pending investigation.”

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