Top 5 Home Inspection Companies in NewJersey ?


Finding an inspector that’s certified and licensed by reputable organizations is a huge help that can potentially save you thousands of dollars in surprise replacement or repair costs. Surprises such as these will not only increase your frustration levels but can also lead to buyer’s remorse as it throws your home budget off track.

Yet, not all New Jersey home inspection companies are created equal. For this reason, we spent countless hours researching providers to create the following list of the top 5 home inspection companies in NJ. The following information will discuss those providers and explain everything you should know about a home inspection.

Top 5 Home Inspection Companies in NJ

Here is our list of the best home inspection companies in New Jerse:

#1 All County Inspections

All County Inspections
All County Inspections

As you know, not all home inspectors are created equal. All County Inspections offer a combined 20+ years of experience in construction and home building. ACI can help you with a wide range of services, covering most areas in New Jersey, with proper licensing and top-notch training.

All County Inspections always strives to maintain the reputation of providing high-quality services and the most accurate, thorough, and ethical home inspection reports. Since home inspections are the company’s only focus, they are impartial and only work for the person who hired them.

When you choose ACI, you’ll receive a final report within 24 hours that features a color-coded tab system to make it easy to navigate. Each report is clear and simple to read, with photos and illustrations included to make noted problems more understandable. When it comes to cost, ACI doesn’t believe you should need to jump through hoops to learn the price. Therefore, they offer clear pricing packages that are based on square footage.

Moreover, All County Inspections offers many add-on services to provide you with the most comprehensive home inspection report possible. Add-on services include radon and mold testing, WDI termite, oil tank searches, and sewer line cameras. If you’re buying a new home in New Jersey, call them today and obtain a free price quote.

#2 Optimal Home Inspections LLC

Optimal Home Inspections LLC
Optimal Home Inspections LLC

Optimal Home Inspections LLC is a family-owned and operated business that provides the highest quality home inspection services. When you hire Optimal Home Inspections, you can rest assured that the owner, Marshal Datkowitz, only represents your needs and interests. So, look no further if you are looking for an unbiased and honest opinion.

This home inspection company offers services for multi-family, single-family, and condo homes around Jersey City. Optimal Home Inspections LLC services many New Jersey cities and counties, including Essex, Bergin, Middlesex, Somerset, and more.

When you hire the friendly pros at Optimal Home Inspections LLC, you’ll receive a detailed report with all findings within 48 hours. Each inspection report is photo-documented and password-protected for secure access and easy viewing.

Perhaps the best part is that Marshall is certified in just about every area of expertise, making his company a one-stop shop for your home inspection needs. If you live in New Jersey and need a thorough home inspection, radon testing, mold and moisture intrusion inspection, termite or lead-based paint inspection, call them today for a free no-obligation price quote.

#3 NJ Best Home Inspections

NJ Best Home Inspections
NJ Best Home Inspections

NJ Best Home Inspections has been offering services to the residents of New Jersey for more than 15 years. Most of their clients comprise attorneys, homeowners, home buyers, and realtors. These professionals understand that a home is likely the biggest purchase you will ever make. Yet, it should also be the most informed.

There are many reasons that clients choose NJ Best Home Inspections as their premier provider. For starters, the company is owner-operated, and he is a state-certified home inspection teacher. Who better to inspect your home than the person who trains the next generation of inspectors? Moreover, he’s a state-certified mentor and teaches the NJ home inspection course.

When you hire NJ Best Home Inspections, you can rest assured that the property will be reviewed from an unbiased and unobjective point of view. You will receive the completed and detailed report within 24 hours, but he recommends that homeowners accompany him during the inspection process.

Look no further than NJ Best Home Inspections for all of your home inspection needs. This company will provide you with free consultations and services when you need them, seven days per week and on holidays. They can help with a wide range of services spanning radon testing, pool inspections, mold testing, termite inspections, commercial inspections, checks for wood-destroying insects, and more.

#4 DAA Home Inspection Services

DAA Home Inspection Services
DAA Home Inspection Services

Dean Arrington Associates, or simply DAA Home Inspection Services, is a family-owned business that’s provided inspection services to New Jersey since 1982. This company operates on the basis of word-of-mouth marketing and direct customer contact, so you will never deal with a middleman.

All DAA home inspectors are members of the ASHI and take their responsibilities seriously. When you choose the pros at DAA, you rest assured that your inspection report is comprehensive and delivered quickly. The company is fully certified, licensed, and insured, so you never have to worry about any surprises.

This home inspection company offers many services, from home inspections and radon gas testing to WDI and sewer inspections. DAA Home Inspection Services has been a trusted member of the Long Valley, NJ area for decades and has helped countless people save money and make better investments. They can do the same for you, so call them today!

#5 LookSmart Home Inspections LLC

LookSmart Home Inspections LLC
LookSmart Home Inspections LLC

LookSmart Home Inspections LLC has been operated by John Martino, an independent home inspector, since 2002. This company features an exemplary record of customer service, as it has successfully performed more than 5,500 home inspections over the years. Moreover, he is one of the few home inspectors in the state to complete the licensing program through the State of New Jersey.

The owner performs all home inspections for the company, and he is an ASHI-certified home inspector who always adheres to their strict code of conduct and ethics. When you choose LookSmart Home Inspections LLC, you can rest easy knowing you will receive a report that is unbiased, extremely accurate and includes photos of problem areas.

This company offers a wide array of home inspection services that go much further than just seven-point inspections. LookSmart also offers services for termites, radon gas, mold, asbestos, lead, and much more. Give John a call today and have your home inspected with integrity.

What is a Home Inspection?

Home inspections are non-invasive visual examinations of a home’s interior and exterior structures and systems. The purpose of such inspections is to locate potential problems that require near-future or immediate repair, such as security, safety, or health issues. When the inspection is complete, the home buyer will have a clear understanding of the home’s health.

Standard home inspections visually examine a home’s major interior systems and physical structure. The inspector reviews exposed and accessible home features such as ceilings, walls, attic, doors, windows, foundation, basement, roof, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems. This professional then records any pertinent information that the customer should know in their report.

Though these inspections are extensive, they are not designed to provide protection against every risk when buying a home. Hence, you should not confuse a home inspection with a building code inspection, appraisal, insurance policy, or other guarantees.

However, once the inspection is complete, a buyer will be aware of any visible problems or areas that require fixing now or in the future.

What Issues Cause a Home to Fail Inspection?

Certain issues really put the safety and health of people living in the house at risk. And these are usually the causes that result in a failed home inspection. Common causes include:

  • Basement moisture
  • HVAC issues
  • Water damage
  • Roof leaks
  • Mildew and mold
  • Decaying wood
  • Defective carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Electrical issues
  • Defective masonry
  • Plumbing problems
  • Foundation cracks and other issues

Which Home Inspection Certification is the Best?

When you’re looking to hire a home inspector, opt for one that’s certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). This widely respected organization is credited with developing the first Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics in the nation. This code of conduct requires a subscription by every ASHI member.

In fact, their certification process is quite tedious. And since 2017, the organization has required all new applicants to undergo a criminal background check via their Background Verified Inspector Program. Once the ASHI accepts an inspector, members are automatically listed on the Consumer Report’s Check service, where homebuyers can find vetted home inspectors quickly.

Moreover, ASHI hosts annual conferences aimed at keeping up with the latest innovations and continuing education. They also offer webinars and an online learning center. So, when you choose a home inspector that the ASHI backs, you know you’ve hired the best.

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