Former President Donald Trump’s Defeat Has Begun

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election and Joe Biden’s win turned many tables. Trump has tried to sabotage every mission the justice department tried to take previously. His actions are now being scrutinized after the 6th January mob attack at the capitol and the Mar-A-Lago case.

Trump’s Illegal Steps Are Being Exposed

In the past, Trump has taken some significant illegal steps during his reign. Even after his presidency, he moved some important papers works to Florida. Trump has always given everyone in the justice department uncountable problems. He has created many of them and some of them were actually there because of him. He has a record of postponing hearings in the past, however, the justice department has become strict with him, after all those stunts he has pulled. Two hearings were set on Tuesday and he has lost them.

Charges pressed against him were his tax return, he has done something to them according to the investigators.

His continuous denial of a court hearing and running for the presidency is all chaotic for others. He is making it difficult for others to move or work in peace. It is publicly believed that he is solely responsible for the Capitol attack on 6th January after his loss in the election. Nearly 138 people were injured during the mob attack, and 5 people died. How a person could be this violent and bring such an attack on the capitol building just to keep his presidency and blame the voting system?

After reaching an ultimatum the supreme court decided to send all the papers to the white house. Trump made a massive mistake with the Mar-a-Lago case, though multiple legal challenges from his team slowed or postponed many cases in the past. This time the supreme court is set to turn the table.